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We welcome children aged from just 4 years old to experience tennis first-hand. More deatils available on request!



Course Descriptions

Mini Red Tennis

Red ball mini tennis is for players aged 8 and under. It is played on smaller courts, smaller rackets and sponge balls. It's just like the real game and gives children the opportunity to have long rallies and play different types of shots.

What ball is used?
A red sponge ball is used indoors and a red felt ball is used outdoors.

What size court is red ball played on?
A court with dimensions of 11m x 5.5m.

Mini Orange Tennis

Mini Orange tennis is for players aged between 8 and 9yrs. It is played on larger courts than red ball, with bigger rackets and orange felt balls with low compression. It's the next stage to go through before you start playing on a full sized court and helps Children develop all the different shots, providing fun competition.

What ball is used?
An orange ball is used. It has a low compression that makes it bounce lower, giving the player better control at an important stage of their development.

What size court is orange ball played on?
Orange ball is played on a singles court of 18m x 6.5m and a doubles court of 18m x 8.23m (the full width of the singles court).

Mini Green Tennis

Green ball is played on a full tennis court for children aged 10 and under, with 26 inch to full size rackets. The balls are a little lower compression than the full yellow ball and is the final stage to go through before your child starts playing with a full yellow ball on a full sized court.  This stage helps children work on and improve all aspects of their game before moving to yellow ball.

What ball is used?
A green ball is used, which is ideal for players moving from orange ball to actual tennis balls.

What size court is green ball played on?
Green ball is played on a full tennis court for singles and doubles.

Yellow Ball Tennis

Yellow ball is for players aged 11 and over. It is played on a full tennis court, with full size rackets and full compression yellow balls. This is the last stage of your childs development.  Technique and skills that you have developed through the stages of mini tennis can now be put into practice.

What ball is used?
A normal yellow tennis ball is used.

What size court is yellow ball played on?
Yellow ball is played on a full sized tennis court for singles and doubles.


High Wycombe Lawn Tennis Club -  4pm to 5pm - Mini Red & Orange
High Wycombe Lawn Tennis Club - 5pm to 6pm - Mini Green and Yellow





High Wycombe Lawn Tennis Club- 5.30pm to 7.30pm - Yellow Ball


Horsenden Tennis Club - 4pm to 5pm - Mini Red.                                                           Horsenden Tennis Club - 5pm to 6pm - Mini Orange                                                       Horsenden Tennis Club - 6pm to 7pm - Mini Green

High Wycombe Lawn Tennis Club- 9.00am to 10.00am - Mini Red                                           High Wycombe Lawn Tennis Club- 10am-11am- Orange
High Wycombe Lawn Tennis Club - 11am to 12pm - Mini Green & Yellow


Our Futures programme is ;

The philosophy is to produce independent minded athletes that are great tennis players. Behind this philosophy our programme structure, is our strong base of strength and conditioning work which safeguards against injury and enhances performance as well as setting our players up for a better quality of life as they get older. As well as this strong base, we promote good technical ability and tactical awareness, which is encouraged and transfered into a competitive environment.

Our aim is for all our players to compete at high club standard as a minimum however, county/ regional standard is the objective. 

Players must attend regular training and regular tournament play.

To be part of the team please enquire about our Futures Performance programme by contacting Guy on 07947 736578


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